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Been using my set for 3 weeks now,so far so good. Very dense yet flexible with proper manipulation for harder curves. I recommend them,just be careful not to drop it and chance chipping the poly base which is tough to a degree. Hoping for a 30” to come out soon, I’ll be buying one.

Bo Diddly

6/8/23, Facebook

“Finally got a chance to use the block yesterday on a 47 Chevy truck hood. After using my home made polycarbonate blocks with duct tape, this block is sooo much more comfortable and controllable. Had the perfect amount of flex with one rod and the adjustability of flex with the rods is awesome. Fingers don’t cramp up and the weight of the block makes it so that little to no pressure is needed. Excellent block, Dean…very well designed and made!”


5/29/23, SPI Forum

“Black Diamond not only improved and perfected the old Afs blocks, it also improved features of all present popular blocks, Linear blocks are good but imo not as good as the new Black Diamond, this look, feel and work better, glad to see technology continue to advance in this field, am sure other brands will emerge in the future but for now this are the best, it is also good news for people that prefer Linear because their prices will have to come down if they want to compete with new and better technology.”

Del Perez

5/13/23, Facebook

“Alright I finally used the black diamond blocks. I was waiting til I get my car in feather fill until I used them….kind of like thinking about dessert while cooking dinner…..but then today I thought, u know if these are THEE best sanding blocks, then what am I waiting for??…I put 2hrs of filler work on the trunk of my 60 chevy…and right away I knew these blocks were nice. It just glides and cuts. Not near as much pressure as I’m used to with durablocks. Tomorrow I plan to put a solid 8hrs on my car using the blocks. These blocks are so nice it almost makes me want to dump another 70 grand in a pile of scrap metal”


5/26/23, SPI Forum

“my boss used them fir the first time today. Now he’s ordering some for the shop”

Joshua Smith

5/9/23, Facebook

“Hi Dean, just wanted to let you know your product is wonderful. I’ve been spending some time working with them. Long story short, I’m a collision/Autobody repair teacher and I believe you have a great product.”

Paul C.

5/9/23, Email

“As inexperienced at blocking that I am, I did get to use the blocks for a few hours. Not being able to compare to other blocks out there I will say that the Black Diamond blocks worked very well and the fit to my hand was very comfortable. The long block is heavy on the horizontal surfaces but I was able to finish what I started. I was actually wanting to block some more but the time caught up to me.  All in all I think they are great blocks. Thanks Dean and Black Diamond blocks”


5/8/23, SPI Forum

“I have been using them for a couple of days now, block sanding my GTX body. The more I use them, the more I like them, especially the ability to adjust the flexibility. I find the weight of the blocks very beneficial as well as the rubber being easy to grip and maintain control. It seems that you begin to develop a feel for when to remove the rods and allow the block to conform to the panel. Bowed areas on my quarter panels and rounded edges on the roof and sail panels are examples where this was necessary. The long block actually helped me find two places that needed a little more work.”

'68 Coronet R/T

5/8/23, SPI Forum

“I have just about every type of block sold today, this are very quickly becoming my favorite, the versatility is unrivaled, they are a perfected version of the old Afs blocks.  Well done!!!!!”

Del Perez

5/5/23, Facebook

“Thank you, these blocks are great, am spreading the word. Let me know if you’ll be adding other sizes, related items, etc…  Thank you!”

Fidel P.

5/5/23, Email

“Hi Dean, going to be a while before I benefit from using the blocks. But I can tell from just handling them and experimenting with the rods they are far superior to anything else I currently have. Some long boards I have are the old wood handle style with the clip clamps. I like the grip on yours better.”


5/3/23, SPI Forum

“Hi Dean, I am really impressed with your blocks. I was surprised with the weight of them in a good way. “

Scott H.

5/3/23, Email

“Hey Dean, I have received my blocks. I’m very impressed with them. Thank you for all the effort that went into them. It will probably be later in the summer before I get a chance to use them, but I’m looking forward to trying them out.”


5/2/23, SPI Forum

“I work on RV’s. Many flat surfaces as well as rounded areas. These Black Diamond Blocks are a little heavier than others, but as I was using them I realized that because of the weight they made my sanding different. Let me explain. Because of the weight on vertical surfaces it caused the physical effort in holding block and Not into pushing into the surface, therefore it keeps me from over sanding. On horizontal area I found the weight does all the work, so less effort is needed.  I might get even better at the finishing touch with these blocks. Thanks Dean”

Sean Dixon

5/1/23, Facebook

“Dean I used your best blocks ever a couple days ago and they worked great! I liked the flexibility of the longer block without the rods for curves and crowned areas. I can see a 24 inch block with flex a good add. Great work Dean!”

Lone Star

5/1/23, SPI Forum

“Jason D., our body shop manager, recently purchased a set of your sanding blocks.  After showing the blocks to his team, we have 6 employees who have expressed interest in purchasing sets as well.”

(Update: Order for 6 sets placed and shipped)

Kelly Moss, Porsche Restorations

4/26//23, Email

“Hi my name is Brandon P. I bought your blocks not to long ago and have been using them as much as possible to get used to them and to see if how I like them. I have several different kinds. I was trying to find something that was as comfortable as the durablocks or motorguards but got the results of linears and big kids. Lemme tell you I think you made that. These are extremely comfortable and the work comes out just as straight as the other polycarbonate ones. I have been using the Linears and Big Kid blocks for the past couple of years and when I use your block it feels more like my old durablocks. Like an old friend of you will but better in every way. I really like the adjustability. They’re a tad heavy but I don’t notice it to much after you start blocking. I remember you saying in one of your videos that you might make a 24” and I hope you do. Might I also suggest a halfway between the blocks you already have? Maybe a 11” or 12”. Either way I’m not complaining bc you have made a fantastic product. Applause to you because I really like them and am suggesting them to everyone else!”

Brandon P.

4/25//23, Email

“I was finally able to try the blocks out on my 68 C10 cab. The first thing I can’t believe was how nice and professional they looked in the packing box. They are well-built and very comfortable blocks to hold on to. I like the flexibility and the ability to make them rigid. I was a little surprised by the weight of them, but that can work to our advantage sanding on a horizontal surface. I give them a 10 out of 10! Oh, the other guys in the shop liked them as well.”

Jeff Ralph

4/24/23, Facebook

“Yesterday I put the blocks to the test while prepping a ’65 C10 bed I’m going to paint for my son. I LOVE them! The ability to adjust the flexibility is fantastic, and allowed me to match the contours perfectly! I will still use my DuraBlocks & Lucky’s, but these blocks are awesome! Thanks Dean!”

Bill Sawatski

4/22/23, Facebook

“Just tried my new Black Diamond Blocks on a ’66 Corvette hood that I thought I had flat. Wow! They showed low spots I didn’t know were there and helped me get it REALLY flat. These are now my Go To blocks!”

Butch, Owner

4/21//23, Classy Chassis, Olympia, WA

“They work great. Probably the most comfortable blocks I’ve used. I got a few different brands of sanding block. Big kid blocks, dura blocks, tru blocks, linear blocks. I can already tell these new black diamond blocks are going to be the most used blocks in my tool box. My only suggestion is to offer a block with no rods and thicker piece of acrylic for a block with no flex at all for those completely flat surfaces. You knocked it out of the park with these.”

Joshua Smith

4/21/23, Facebook

Wow just got back today and opened my box.  I have not opened a new box in many years with this attention to detail.  The quality of the items in the box is the very best and an actual case of over engineering!!  Great job, im helping a friend with a high-dollar vette, and we will get to use them one day this weekend.  Dean, you did a great job all the way around.


4/21/23, SPI Forum

“I received the blocks yesterday. First impressions. They look great, feel comfortable and the packaging was really nice. I like having a place to store them instead of just a drawer. They are a little heavier than I expected, but that will probably work out when blocking horizontal surfaces as you will just be able to guide the block and let the natural weight do the work.  My collection of blocks range from durablocks, linear blocks, AFS and a collection of homemade blocks, so I’d like to think I’ll be able to give an honest assessment of these once in use. I don’t generally over think this stuff so honestly I cant see why they wont be great.  Again, very impressed with the follow through on this project. Thank you again Dean.”


4/19/23, SPI Forum

“Got my delivery today, had to get them dusty on some running boards tonight. Dean, well done on addressing the shortcomings of the AFS design. I find these easy to grip, comfortable to use, and put me down on the list for the 36” long one when you get that far.”


4/19/23, SPI Forum

“Finally home and remembered to open the UPS package. Wow these are like works of art. I love the way they feel and it seems like they will very easy on the hands.”


4/18/23, SPI Forum

“Received mine today. Impressive attention to detail with both product and packaging Dean. Good luck with this.”


4/18/23, SPI Forum

“Very nice! I don’t want to get them dusty!  I love the letter, that was very nice. My first impression of the packaging with the stickers was much nicer than I expected. So far I think you have a home-run. I like the heavy, dense feel. The varying flexibility is what I desired the most. “


4/18/23, SPI Forum

“got mine today they are super comfortable. a little on the heavy side though i look forward to using them. im used to using plexi blocks without handles. i tried some linear blocks these are a lot more comfortable than those and like the adjustability like the old afs had. looking foward to using them”


4/18/23, SPI Forum

“Used my new Black Diamond blocks over the weekend. They are Awesome. Feel great in the hand and the paper sticks to the block, as opposed to the durablock I was using. Makes it easier for a hack to let the paper do the work. Two things: 1) why did you wait so long to make them. 2) I installed a beer can holder that I want to add to the patent.  Cool to watch this project develop start to finish. Well done Dean.”


4/17/23, SPI Forum

“Got mine thanks Dean. Not sure if I should use them or display them only. The packaging and product rival anything I’ve bought from big name companies. Professional from the start from feedback through website, ordering and delivery. I almost can‘t wait to block sand with them.”


4/17/23, SPI Forum

“I got mine. They are a quality piece! Very happy with the ergonomics.”


4/15/23, SPI Forum

“mine just arrived. They look and feel great – even the packaging is top-notch. Thanks Dean – Now all I need is my GTO to be done with metal finishing…”


4/14/23, SPI Forum

got mine yesterday afternoon. I tried them out last night with some 80X–wonderful. absolutely wonderful. The sizes, shapes, and material used for these new blocks I see is going to be very beneficial for me with my carpel tunnel flare-ups. Those tend to happen for me tightly holding smaller shaped items and doing repeat type movements. I have larger hands strong hands (wear 3XL gloves) and have narrow wrists so the softness/firmness amount of these blocks seems really good for me. Well done!””


4/12/23, SPI Forum