“I have just about every type of block sold today, these are very quickly becoming my favorite, the versatility is unrivaled, they are a perfected version of the old AFS blocks.  Well done!!!!!”

Del P. Facebook

“Jason D., our body shop manager, recently purchased a set of your sanding blocks.  After showing the blocks to his team, we have 6 employees who have expressed interest in purchasing sets as well.”

(Update: Order for 6 sets placed and shipped)

Kelly Moss Porsche Restorations, Fitchburg, WI

“Just tried my new Black Diamond Blocks on a ’66 Corvette hood that I thought I had flat. Wow! They showed low spots I didn’t know were there and helped me get it REALLY flat. These are now my Go To blocks!”

Butch, Classy Chassis, Olympia, WA

Comfortable, ergonomic rubber handle

“Diamond Hard” polycarbonate Base

Very flexible with no rods

Can be ajusted, with rods, to be fully rigid

A short video showing the benefits and features of our Black Diamond sanding blocks

Check out this 3-D Model

Just click the image below

You’ll be taken to a cool, interactive 3-D model where you can see details of the sanding block