Find the sandpaper you need

It can be hard to find the right sandpaper on Amazon due to all the ads and cheap/unknown brands being promoted.


We’ve put together a list of links to find the quality sandpaper you are looking for.

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80 Grit120 Grit180 Grit220 Grit

320 Grit400 Grit600 Grit1000 GritFinishing Grits

We’ve tried to provide links to the most common grits and form factors.  If the exact product you are looking for is not listed, the links may get you closer.

Grits 80 – 1000 are standard PSA (self-sticking) rolls with a width of 2 3/4 inches that fit on Black Diamond and all other standard sanding blocks.

Finishing grits are 6-inch hook and loop discs for use on a DA sander.  Other sizes may be available at the links.